How To Choose A Flashlight

How to choose a flashlight

2012-07-05 11:03:26

How to choose a flashlight
I would like to make a present, and maybe buy one for myself, but the problem is that I cannot make up my mind. Would you suggest the right solution for me?
Answer: First, you should realize what kind of flashlight you would like to have.
1. How often are you going to use it?
1) seldom (less than twice a year) — you can buy a flashlight powered by batteries. This will help you to save money on flashlight cost. Besides, you can buy batteries at any time you need, in any shop, even if you are far away from a big city.
2) often (more than twice a year) — you should better use a rechargeable flashlight. You can always charge batteries, both from mains or from an automobile cigar lighter (if you have an automobile adapter). This will help you save money on batteries and make flashlight operation more comfortable.
2. There are two types of a light beam. What kind of light beam do you need?
1) Would you like to find «a black cat in a dark room»? Then you should better use a flashlight with directional light.
2) We have gone for summer holidays, and the light in our summer cottage is off — then use a lantern with diffused light (illuminates area around 360 degrees).
3. Would you like your flashlight to shine bright or for a long time? Then decide about the light source in a flashlight.
1) krypton lamp — provides 70 % more light, as compared to an ordinary filament lamp.
2) energy saving bulb — provides five as much light, as compared to a filament lamp, with the same amount of power consumed. Thus, a flashlight with such a lamp shall glow more brightly and for a longer time. But if shall provide just diffused light.
3) halogen bulb — provides the most bright light.
4) light emitting diode — with faint light, with a filament lamp, it shall serve much longer, with minimum power consumption. Average service life of a light emitting diode is 10 years.
4. And the last thing you should know: decide about flashlight housing and its physical configuration.
1) If you are going fishing — take a waterproof flashlight, it will work even if you drop it into water.
2) You may think about an impact-proof flashlight as well. But more often there is not so much to choose, because you can find both these properties in most of our flashlightes.