Why LEDs

why LEDs

2012-07-05 11:29:07

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are solid-state semiconductor devices that can convert electrical energy directly into light.
Features and Benefits of LEDs
  1. Save money and energy. Generally, a LED consumes less than 0.1 watts to operate. This low power consumption means you save on your energy costs.
  2. Low heat output. LEDs can convert almost all the energy used into light creating a highly efficient light source. In contrast, today's incandescent bulbs emit a lot of energy in the infrared spectrum which can't be seen. We know this wasted energy as the heat today's bulbs give off.
  3. Long life time. A LED can last up to 100,000 hours. High Power LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours. In comparison an incandescent lifetime is about 1,000 hours and a halogen is about 2,000 hours.
  4. Environmentally safe. LEDs are made from non-toxic materials unlike fluorescents which contain Mercury. Can also be recycled.
  5. Durable. No loose or moving parts.